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We offer a number of ways of paying for care and work closely with our clients to find options that best suit individual circumstances and personal finances:

Social Services or NHS Trusts

It may be that a Service User qualifies for full or part-funding of care through their local authority or NHS Trust or other bodies. If a Service User qualifies for funding they can control the funding by receiving direct payments.

Direct Payment

Direct payments are “means tested” cash payments made to individuals assessed as needing support in place of social services provision. Local Authorities have a duty to make direct payments to people who can consent to use them. Direct payment is usually considered as a first option for everyone, at each assessment and review.

Individual Budget

Individual budgets combine resources from different funding streams to which a person is entitled. These can be:

  • Social care funds
  • Disabled Living Allowance
  • Housing related benefits
  • Employment support allowance
  • Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Integrated Community Equipment Services

Individual budgets are designed to give people choice and control over how they receive their care package. They can be in the form of a direct payment, or services commissioned by the local authority, or a combination of both.

Self Financing

Many people pay for their own care, and it is important that you select a care provider with the best skills and experience. Attentive Care Experts can deliver high quality, affordable care to the very highest standards through its local operations.